Camaro Club of West Palm Beach Membership
Membership is open to Camaro Owners and their family!

The Camaro Club of West Palm Beach, Florida is designed to be a social, fun, family-oriented environment which promotes the spirit and history of Camaros while allowing for building lasting friendships, a place where members are proud to associate with!

Membership into the Camaro Club of West Palm Beach is for a period of one year.

There is a $90.00  first year fee for membership, which includes your personalized club shirt, members plaque and rear window decal!  The annual renewal fee (after first year) is just $60.00 per year.

How to Join:
1. Click here to download our membership application, print and fill out, or call 404-392-5923
2. Mail the completed application along with your check payable to:

Camaro Club of West Palm Beach

C/O Jim Miglionico

230 Park Road North

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411